CrossFit Menace

In Strength We Trust

CrossFit Menace is dedicated to the health, well being and all around superiority of its members and athletes. We further the methodology of CrossFit and maintain a rigorous and dedicated focus

Gavin "Coach Zero" DuBetz - Educated at Michigan State University and LCC, Gavin is A Certified advanced life support Paramedic with additional certifications in PreHospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced cardiac life support, Professional Rescuer level CPR, Pediatric advanced life support and a bunch of other Emergency Medical Mumbo-Jumbo that wont matter one bit because CrossFit only makes you "think" you're dying. But this knowledge does give him a broad and detailed understanding of how you tick, and the physical issues and pitfalls that you may encounter in your search for health and strength, such as setbacks, plateaus, rehab issues, old injuries and cardiac restrictions, just to name a few. This allows Gavin to scale your workouts for whatever your goal...weight loss, strength, agility, a better body image, injury or weakness stabilization, competition level CrossFit Skills, looking fantastic naked, or to just make chasing your kids around significantly easier. Coach Gavin is also ROCKTAPE Fascial Movement Taping 1 and 2 Certified, for Kinesiology Taping. 

    Zero Transitioned into CrossFit from years of standard "Bro" style Globo Gym lifting, which he admittedly still participates in. We all know old habits die hard, but Coach Gavin is a firm believer that a good mix of athletics creates a well prepared and proportioned athlete, and that standard isolation style lifting still has a place in any athletic endeavor. So its unlikely you'll hear him hating on traditional gym-goers, yoga fans, pilates students, or any other health endeavor that many CrossFit advocates have come to look down upon over the years. Instead, all will be welcome at Menace and he will make sure you find a way to use CrossFit as a weapon to make you more devastating at whatever physical endeavors you choose to engage in. He himself uses CrossFit as a means to attack Both Snowboarding and Paddle-boarding much more aggressively. What's that? You're on a bowling league..? No problem..Gavin will figure out a way you can utilize CrossFit to increase your average, while making everyone else at the alley afraid of you. He'll also make sure CrossFit makes you the physical envy of everyone in your community/suburb. It's their jealousy that will drive you, and he knows it.


     A hardliner, fanatic for form and safety, he's been called "The squat nazi" more than once, and it doesn't bother him one bit. Other than His L1 And L2 CrossFit Coach Certifications, Gavin sought out his CrossFit Olympic Lifting and CrossFit Gymnastics certifications as well, as he believes a strong focus on proper Oly Lifting and broad & detailed knowledge of gymnastics creates the perfect foundation for an athletes CrossFit career. He also has acquired his USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification. A Buddhist for almost 27 years, Coach Gavin understands the need for patience as well as a balanced mind when approaching ones fitness goals.  Also, he's of the belief that nothing works without a proper diet, so expect him to ask you about yours. And if you're addicted to sweets, junk food, fast food, soda or bad carbs...expect to lie to him....a lot. If he believes you're not making progress, becoming stronger and improving as an athlete at his facility, expect him to ask you questions. He'll want to know if you're under unusual work, if your focus and attention to your better health and self image is getting sidelined, if there is something outside of the CrossFit Menace family acting as a roadblock to your goals, and he'll certainly ask about your diet. Simply put...he's entirely comfortable sticking his nose where it doesn't belong if he thinks something is derailing your goals here at Menace. So feel free to approach him (or any Menace Coach) with questions or concerns. Everyone does this differently, and there are NO stupid questions. Like "Do I get a nickname too"?'ll get a nickname, but you have to earn it and no you don't get to choose it.


     This all boils down to, Zero loves this sport. He's obsessed with your health and fitness, and nothing would make him happier than being a catalyst to your success in becoming stronger, healthier, more attractive, and just entirely more pleased with yourself and your quality of life. 


Fun Facts - He's fully prepared for the eventual, and unavoidable Zombie Apocalypse. Is an official graduate of Starfleet Academy as well as the X-Men Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and has the diplomas to prove it. Is secretly Batman...but keep your mouth shut. Hates Country Music, Loves Lego's. Hates Ben Affleck, Loves cartoons. Hates his Birthday, Loves Halloween. Can accurately pee into a bottle/can while operating a motor vehicle. Came up with the "Avoid Ghetto" option for GPS systems..(Un-Patented, for now). His Arch Enemy is...The Mosquito...and he will hunt one in his home for hours to dispatch it. Will scold you publicly for misusing spellings of "They're, Their, and There". Would sleep 14 hours a day if it made sense. 

Coach Stephanie “Sinister” Viener - Coach Steph is a graduate of Lansing Community College with an associates degree in applied science of nursing, also a licensed paramedic for the state of Michigan, a combat medic and sergeant for the army national guard and a certified L1 crossfit trainer. 

Stephanie began her fitness career in 2002 where she became a serious athlete in track and cross country. Competing and placing in the top 20 in the state out of 100's of athletes, Stephanie furthered her career at the collegiate running level and challenged herself even more competing in multiple triathlons. When she joined the Army in 2010, she was put in charge of multiple companies (large military groups) in conducting military regulated physical training (PT).

Always wanting to challenge herself, Stephanie found her nitch for weightlifting in 2011. From there she competed in a body building figure show. Missing the "team aspect" and more competitive nature, Stephanie was able to fill the missing voids when she fell into crossfit. 

Stephanie gets joy in seeing others succeed and being so versatile in fitness, she has a head full of knowledge waiting to share.

"I knew I wanted to eventually help and coach others when I was out in charge of running physical training for the Army. In the military there are PT standards in which we are responsible in meeting, and when there are soldiers whom aren't meeting these standards, they are at risk of termination from the military. So getting to help them by pushing them daily, writing up workout plans and passing along diet advice, I not only get to see them grow as an athlete and soldier but I also get to see them reach their goals and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Fitness is a huge part of our everyday lives and it is very important along with proper nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I really look forward to sharing my fitness passion and helping athletes meet their goals whatever the age or physical condition may be."

  FUN FACTS - Is mortally fearful of worms, and the infamous "butt wink". Used to have a fully loaded World of Warcraft "knight elf" character. Once ran down one of her friends with her car. Grunts louder than most men when she Olympic Lifts.



Craig Ferris - 50 years old

Occupation - Ann Arbor Fire Department, Lieutenant, Engine Company Six

Education - Associates Degree - Fire Science, Columbia Southern University - Macomb Community College, Fire Academy - Emergency Medical Technician - Instructor, START RESCUE LLC, Heavy rescue and vehicle extrication. CrossFit L-1.

About Craig - After years and years of the standard american Yo-Yo diet, chronic cardio, weight machines, and typical globo gym blues, Craig found CrossFit.  He was 45 years old.  This was the first step for a new lease on life.

It’s hard to summarize just how things changed for Craig after CrossFit, literally every conceivable health marker improved in some way.  Here are just a few highlights: Weight loss, lower blood pressure, off cholesterol meds, off sleep disorder meds, better mood, less temper, mental focus, major gains in strength, agility, and endurance.    

Craig credits adopting the CrossFit lifestyle fully with his transformation.  By that he means in order for CrossFit to work, the athlete MUST adopt a CrossFit style of eating that supports the workout.  Get sugar and refined carbohydrate out of the diet immediately, only then does the CrossFit magic happen.  

Craig is a major advocate of low carbohydrate eating.  Having used the ketogenic diet for a 50 pound weight loss over four years ago, Craig now eats according to primal or paleo guidelines.  On a regular basis he focuses his intake to assure a state of nutritional ketosis.  Craig has become passionate about food and its effect on the body, endurance, strength and overall health.  He is constantly reading, researching, and consuming as much information on the subject as time permits.  

In an effort to give back, help others, and contribute to the Menace family, Craig received his CFL1 early in 2018.  His next step is to become a Primal Health Coach through a 13 week online certification program.



lKyle ‘I don’t have a cool nickname’ Dillard. I’m 33 years old, originally from Bolingbrook, Illinois. I’ve been in Michigan since I was about 12 years old and consider myself an official Michigander. When I’m not at the box, I work full time as an IT Administrator which technically makes me a nerd, but admittedly do not play video games or even own a gaming console, so figure that one out. I am recently married to my beautiful wife Kristen who is also an avid Crossfitter.

I have two French bulldogs, Jax and Madison (get it, b/c that’s where the games are), and they’re the coolest dogs in the world! I’m a coffee fanatic, I’m obsessed with gadgets and tech, and a I’m huge foodie. Outside of CrossFit I enjoy playing all sports - most recently golf, sand volleyball, and SpikeBall have been my favorites.

Athlete background:

I’ve always loved sports and competition - I played basketball and soccer growing up as a kid, as well as rode BMX through and even after high school. After High School I started working out at ‘globo gyms’ in between drop-in basketball sessions and became addicted to fitness. Gradually I started to dabble in the bodybuilding/men’s physique competition realm for about four years in the Michigan NPC. Eventually I got tired of the politics and the spray tanning and went back to just working out for fun. Getting bored of that pretty quickly and missing the competition aspect I eventually found CrossFit. It didn’t take long before I was hooked and found CrossFit Menace which has been my home ever since. I obtained my CF L1 certification Q1 of 2018 and have been coaching as many classes as possible and loving every step of the way. I see myself continuing to coach far into the future as well as pursuing more certifications across the board. I thoroughly enjoy helping others achieve their CrossFit goals, I love to teach and help people learn new skills. Seeing people get healthy, get off their medications, and enrich their lives is one of the largest contributing factors to my passion for helping others in this sport we call CrossFit.