CrossFit Menace

In Strength We Trust

CrossFit Menace is dedicated to the health, well being and all around superiority of its members and athletes. We further the methodology of CrossFit and maintain a rigorous and dedicated focus


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I could have easily opened Menace in July of '14 if I wanted to pop open just "another CrossFit box"...but I didn't. I wanted the perfect Mecca for the All Encompassing Athletics that CrossFit provides.. I wanted a long, narrow, candybar shaped building with 20 foot ceilings, and exposed rafters, with loud neighbors on both sides so noise wont be an issue, and plenty of room in back to travel outside of the building. This type of facility is what CrossFit was designed to be performed in..this exact type and shape of industrial building. And that's exactly what we have with this facility. 4500 sq ft, 4000 of it is actual USEABLE space...we aren't counting storage or bathrooms or an office..., tons of wide open useable workspace. Menace almost opened several times many months ago...first in Howell, then South Lyon...then in Highland, but none of these felt right. None were perfect. Good things are worth waiting for. I'm not here to try to make a quick buck. Im here to make Human CrossFit machines, and endeavor to support the purity and quality of CrossFit, and I need the perfect facility, and the right equipment to do it. And now I have both. So check back here and on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for updates and thank you for your interest.