CrossFit Menace

In Strength We Trust

CrossFit Menace is dedicated to the health, well being and all around superiority of its members and athletes. We further the methodology of CrossFit and maintain a rigorous and dedicated focus

Menace Pricing

In CrossFit, the first class is always free. Call or visit to schedule a time that's good for you.

UNLIMITED - $155.00 per month. (10% off if you purchase a year membership up front)

4 Days A Week - $135.00

3 Days A Week - $115.00

2 Days A Week - $95.00

10 Visit Punchcard - 140.00 (Access to all classes, 2 Month Expiration)

15 Visit Punchcard - 175.00 (Access to all classes, 3 Month Expiration)

20 Visit Punchcard - 205.00 (Access to all classes, 4 month expiration)

Single day - $20.00 or T-Shirt Purchase (When Available) 

Couples Discount - First at standard Unlimited monthly price, second person $125.00, must have proof of same household

CrossFit Kids - $65.00 per child/month

On-Ramp ("Foundations") - $50.00 along with your initial membership. You will find most facilities charge a shocking amount for On-Ramp or "Foundations" ($200-350), and then immediately charge you your monthly fee on top of that, making your first month in CrossFit insanely expensive. Not here, we don't up-charge you to learn the sport that we're already charging you to learn. Make sense?  You simply pay your normal monthly fee plus a 50.00 On-Ramp fee to compensate your instructor, attend 4 On-Ramp classes at your leisure (*we often can get these done in 2 visits..2 classes per visit), and then you're free to attend any class.



DISCOUNT PRICING - Unlimited access for Active Military, Full Time Professional Rescuers with current I.D.(EMS, Fire Dept, Law Enforcement) and Full Time Students with Current I.D. - $100.00 per month. 

{ CrossFit was LITERALLY forged on the battlefield, abroad and here at home. It was born to both harden and hone our Military Troops and Emergency Rescue/Law Enforcement Personnel. Coach Gavin is a current and 7 year veteran of Emergency Medical Services, and Coach Steph is a Part Time ALS Medic and a current Enlisted woman... So the Menace Coaches know that NO ONE needs to be prepared for the unknown more than our Military and local hero's. Therefore they will always receive a heavily reduced, flat fee for the unlimited membership here at CrossFit Menace (None of this "Well, we'll give you a percentage off" crap. You don't risk a "percentage" of your life, so we won't consider giving you a percentage of a discount.).  At Menace, our Active Servicemen/Women, and our Full Time Police and Medical/Fire Rescuers will always have a home where they are revered and respected. The Coaches at Menace have lived, and still live, in the same trenches, and we vow to welcome our protectors with open arms, and you have our word...we WILL prepare you for what you do and what you may face. We're one of you, and we are all to aware that, in our line of work we get only one chance at everything, and failure is never an option.  So in turn, Show up everyday, and we guarantee WE wont fail YOU. }

Personal Training

One on One - Single session $45.00, 5 Pack $180.00 (Pay for 4 get 1 free)

Two on one - Single Session $80.00, 5 Pack $320.00 (Buy 4 get 1 free)

In Home (or place of your choosing) Personal Training - $100.00/hr

(If you are a male requesting personal training from a female Coach, session must be held at our facility or another approved facility, if held at our facility you will only be charged the personal training fee.)


PLEASE shop around. We encourage you to record our Stats...our Square Footage, our equipment list and our pricing, as well as measure or commitment and vision, and compare them to the other CrossFit facilities, both locally and abroad. We admire and support all CrossFit Facilities no matter their size and abilities or focus, and believe we all work toward the common goal of pushing CrossFit forward into this new century. But we believe Menace has a different aura and focus as well as highly competitive pricing considering our significant initial investment, so there's a reason we WANT you to compare. There's a reason we WANT you to visit them first, and us last. We are well aware as to how we measure up, and we're confident you'll make Menace your permanent CrossFit Home, because Menace IS CrossFit.